University to roll back Lawrence and Edwards campus event approval process

Posted June 2, 2021

Faculty, staff and students:

Last August, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KU implemented a new process that required all Lawrence and Edwards campus events to be registered and approved by the Office of Event Management & Protocol. Additionally, this new process distinguished between events based on their size and whether they were deemed mission-essential.

Today, consistent with recent CDC guidance and the expiration of the Douglas County health order, we are rolling back this process so that events no longer need to be approved centrally. In practice, this means campus groups may resume scheduling events of any type and size without approval from Event Management & Protocol, as they did prior to the pandemic.

Event organizers will still be responsible for implementing health and safety measures consistent with our Protect KU guidelines and for exercising good judgment about the size, scope and necessity of an event.

While events no longer need to be approved centrally, event organizers must continue registering events through the Event Management & Protocol event registration form. This will enable us to have a master list of events, which will be helpful for reasons unrelated to the pandemic.

Youth programs and camps

Additionally, KU units may begin hosting non-overnight youth programs and camps on campus. The host unit is responsible for ensuring program and camp coordinators implement health and safety measures consistent with Protect KU guidelines.

It should be emphasized that, while KU recently rescinded its mandatory mask policy, we still strongly encourage unvaccinated individuals to wear masks – which is noteworthy for youth program coordinators since most children under the age of 12 have not been vaccinated.

As was the case prior to the pandemic, units that host youth programs should be familiar with policies and procedures for hosting minors on campus.

Thank you

Thank you for all you’ve done to prioritize health and safety. With your help, we will continue preparing for a full on-campus presence next fall so we can meet our obligations to our students and state.


Wendy Bridges

Director, Office of Event Management and Protocol

John Stipetich
Emergency Management Specialist, Office of Public Safety

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