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University departments and/or Student Organizations that are hosting Events may be charged rental/service fees for the use of University and/or Outdoor Space facilities if registration fees, donations, or in-kind services are exchanged.

  • Internal and External Rates are established through the Office of the Comptroller and approved by the Kansas Board of Regents in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule.
  • Internal rates are assessed to events sponsored by a student organization or University departments that are attended by (51% or more) from the KU community, which includes faculty, staff and/or students.
  • External rates are assessed to Events sponsored by a Student Organization or University Departments that are:
    • Open to the general public (51% or more anticipated);
    • Open to invited guests or a registration fee is charged;
  • External rates are assessed to Events sponsored by External Organizations and/or 3rd Party entities, no matter the audience. 
  • Final Exams:  No University organization shall schedule events or meetings that require student participation during the final examination period, including Stop Day.  Exceptions are allowed for local events or meetings that are scheduled between noon Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday.  A committee that must meet during the final examination period to resolve an academic issue may meet only at a time mutually convenient to all members.  No exceptions are allowed unless by explicit direction of the Chancellor.  (University Senate Rules and Regulations 1.3.7) [Revised May, 1998]
  • Special Requirements:  KU Community, Public and/or Major University Events, as well as outdoor events including road closures and youth program / camps have additional requirements including significantly longer lead-time for University review, approval and planning.

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