Event Registration and Approval Process

All in-person events at KU must be registered through our event request form. For our purposes, an event includes any gathering that is not 1) an academic class within the university curriculum or 2) a school/department internal meeting for business purposes.

Proposed events of 45 or fewer individuals are automatically approved upon completion of the event request form. At that point, the event requestor is free to move forward with hosting the event and is responsible for implementing necessary health and safety measures.

Proposed events of 45 or more individuals are not automatically approved when submitted. Instead, these proposals will be routed to the Public Health Planning Committee for approval. To be eligible for approval, events of 45 or more must be deemed mission-essential, which we define as “critical to the academic and research mission of the university.”

Examples of mission-essential events of 45 or more include:

  • Exams required for admission to a program or school, degree completion, or certification/licensure with a board, professional organization, or government agency. 
  • Assistance programs or services for vulnerable or special needs populations who cannot otherwise access online or remote delivery options of critical activities. 
  • Events that contribute to essential community functions – e.g. a blood drive or pandemic response.

Examples of events of 45 or more that will not be considered mission-essential include:

  • Social events or parties 
  • Career fairs, networking events, or receptions 
  • Fairs, festivals, carnivals, or parades 
  • Graduation and/or recognition events 
  • Political rallies or guest lectures


​Tabling requests need to review the updated guidelines effective for fall 2020.

Once tabling is approved, those seeking space at the Kansas or Burge Unions must then secure reservations for their requested date(s).

Those requesting space along Jayhawk Blvd need to check the availability on the Jayhawk Blvd Schedule, before submitting your request.


After the Public Health Planning Committee provides intial approval, the Office of Event Management & Protocol will share the registered information with the University Event Team (UET) to review event organizational plans. The UET is made up of representatives of KU Public Safety, KU Parking & Transit, KU Campus Operations, KU Public Affairs, KU Dining, Risk Management, KU IT, KU Emergency Management, and Kansas Athletics Inc. Other departments will be consulted depending on the event request.  

The University Event Team will meet to review logistical planning details such as the number of participants and spectators, crowd control, parking, food and beverage plan, provisions for protection of the health, safety, and security of persons and property, the effect on normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic, educational operations, the availability of alternative facilities and any other relevant concerns that might impact the university.

Final recommendations for approval will be submitted to the PHP. This process could take 2 to 3 weeks, so event organizers need to plan ahead.


All events of 45 or fewer individuals will receive an automated response that includes the DATE and TIME the form was submitted and a REGISTRATION NUMBER.  Once received, the organizer can share this with the venue scheduling representative or other service provider to confirm they have registered the proposed event.

Requests for tabling on Jayhawk Boulevard will also receive a similar confirmation, but should check the Jayhawk Tabling Schedule to confirm the assigned location.

Events or mass gatherings of more than 45 will receive individual responses from the Office of Event Management and Protocol following final approval by the PHP.


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