Event registration and approval process for the upcoming year

Published August 11, 2020

Colleagues and Students:

As the fall semester approaches, the University of Kansas continues its efforts to prioritize safety while also providing the enriching experiences that make KU special.

With this in mind, the Lawrence campus will implement a new event registration and approval process for the upcoming year. This process will enable the university to begin hosting in-person events and activities in a way that aligns with our Protect KU plan and county guidelines pertaining to the size of mass gatherings.

The key elements of the process are as follows:

Effective immediately, all in-person events at KU must be registered through the Office of Event Management and Protocol via our event request form. For our purposes, an event includes any gathering that is not 1) an academic class within the university curriculum or 2) a school/department internal meeting for business purposes.

Proposed events of 45 or fewer individuals are automatically approved upon completion of the event request form. At that point, the event requestor is free to move forward with hosting the event and is responsible for implementing necessary health and safety measures.

Proposed events of 45 or more individuals are not automatically approved when submitted. Instead, these proposals will be routed to the Public Health Planning Committee for approval. To be eligible for approval, events of 45 or more must be deemed mission-essential, which we define as “critical to the academic and research mission of the university.”

Examples of mission-essential events of 45 or more include:

  • Exams required for admission to a program or school, or certification/licensure with a board, professional organization, or government agency (e.g the LSAT or GRE).
  • Assistance programs or services for vulnerable or special needs populations who cannot otherwise access online or remote delivery options of critical activities
  • Events that contribute to essential community functions (e.g. a blood drive or pandemic response)
  • Some revenue-generating events

Examples of events of 45 or more that will not be considered mission-essential include:

  • Social events or parties
  • Career fairs, networking events, or receptions
  • Fairs, festivals, carnivals, or parades
  • Graduation and/or recognition events
  • Political rallies or guest lectures

Online registration and approval of an event of any size does not guarantee room reservations or event services. Rather, it only means the proposed event has been registered and approved with Event Management and Protocol, and the requestor can move forward with securing event arrangements as needed.

Please understand, due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, the Public Health Committee’s willingness to approve events of 45 or more may fluctuate during the semester based on evolving circumstances and the latest medical guidance.

Importantly, while the information above outlines the process by which in-person events of various types can happen, we still encourage event organizers to consider online alternatives to in-person events whenever possible. This is consistent with our university strategy to de-densify campus and facilitate social distancing.


Tabling is an important activity for student organization outreach, fundraising, and the free sharing of ideas. With this in mind, tabling will be allowed on campus with new health and safety guidelines for the 2020-21 academic year. As has been the case in prior years, organizations choosing to table must be a registered student organization, academic unit or administrative unit of KU, and must register their tabling event in advance via our event request form.

Thank you

There’s no question the upcoming semester will be unlike any in history, and we will likely need to make adjustments along the way. Please feel free to send your questions and feedback to eventmanagement@ku.edu. With your help, this registration and approval process positions us to provide students, faculty and staff the campus experience they expect and deserve while continuing to prioritize health and safety.


Charlie Persinger
Director, Office of Event Management and Protocol

John Stipetich
Emergency Management Specialist, Office of Public Safety

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