Event Organizer Responsibilities

The Public Health Planning (PHP) Committee has provided the guidelines below for those responsible for coordinating events, meetings and activities on campus. These guidelines apply to all events and gatherings, regardless of size.

Please note, registering your event through the Registration Form and/or receiving approval from the PHP does not guarantee room resevations or services provided by university units. Organizers are responsible for obtaining appropriate reservations and/or permissions on their own.

Guidelines are as follows:

  • All event organizers are encouraged to utilze technology to engage virtually or remotely with participants.
  • The CVKey app asks questions regarding your current state of health and your travel history. You will be required to complete the health assessment each day you plan to be on campus. If your answers meet the required health status, the app will generate a QR code for you to scan at building entrances. If your answers indicate a possible risk for COVID-19 infection, the app will direct you to contact a health care provider. If you choose not to use the CVKey app, you will be required to print off and complete a paper health assessment form each day and carry it with you while on campus.
  • Complete the REGISTRATION FORM and confirm approval if applicable
  • Share necessary information with all hosts and assign responsibililites in advance to manage guest safety.
  • Pre-registration is highly recommnded to better estimate the number of attendees before the event.  Event organizers are also encouraged to keep a record of event participants in case it is needed by public health authorities.
    • Student Organizations are required to use the Event Check-In App and Rock Chalk Central Event Passes to take attendance at all in-person events. The simple system requires two components.
    1. A Rock Chalk Central Event Pass for attendees. All users of Rock Chalk Central have a unique event pass that is similar to a mobile boarding pass and
    2. The mobile Event Check-In App to scan event passes.  Only administrators or student organization officers checking-in attendees need to download the app.
    3. Step by step instructions are available through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC)
  • Events are conducted in a space that allows for adequate social distancing, including:
    • Maintain at least 6 feet of space between participants in all directions;
    • Minimize participant interaction with each other, including speakers, performers or staff;
    • Prevent participants from congregating in lobbies, hallways or the meeting room.
  • When requesting event / meeting space, coordinators will need to have an estimated or actual number of participants so that the room schedulers can advise and reserve the appropriate space.
    • Events and meetings must follow the same guidelines for classrooms as outlined in the Protect KU Plan. Seats will be left unavailable to physically distance participants.
    • Movable seating will be spread 6 feet apart and must be left in position.
    • Fixed seating is marked to prevent use and maintain 6 feet separation.
  • Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer will be made available
    • Coordinators need to remind participants to use hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure;
    • Coordinators are responsilbe for cleaning surfaces after using the space;
    • If multiple groups are using the same space, the coordinators should clean between groups;
    • If additional cleaning services are needed, contact KU Custodial Services or 785.864.4770.
  • All participants must wear protective face coverings in accordance with KU policy and local public health orders.
  • Food served at events or meetings must follow the KU Food Policy.  Reminders include:
    • NO food can be served in classrooms;
    • Potluck or buffet style food service events are prohibited for Fall Semester 2020;
    • Food should be pre-packaged or plated by KU Dining or an Approved Caterer;
    • Beverages must be bottled or pre-poured by food service employees;
    • Grab-and-go items, including pre-packaged snacks, utensils or coffee supplies, should be spaced apart to prevent guests from touching multiple items;
    • Participants must be spaced 6 feet apart while eating


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