Event Organizer Responsibilities

A School / Department / Student Organization Event Organizer is responsible for the following:

  • Submit a Event Registration Form within stated timeframes and receive appropriate approvals for any Major University, Campus Community or Public Events if applicable, pursuant to the guidelines outlined below.  For example, XYZ Department requesting use of Marvin Grove, parking lots and street closures needs to submit an Event Request Form, BUT School ABC hosting an annual lecture at the Lied Center does NOT need to complete the form.  School ABC can make necessary arrangements and post information to the KU Event Calendar.
  • Be physically present or have a designee present at the event location during the entire event to supervise and ensure the University Facility/Facilities or Outdoor Space is used for the purpose and in the manner stated in the Event Request Form.
  • Have the ability to respond to questions and requests by Public Safety, Campus Operations, Student Affairs and/or SILC staff (if student led/hosted) or Event Management & Protocol if adjustments are needed to follow established policy and/or procedures.
  • Be responsible for all operating costs as provided (if applicable) including, but not limited to rental fees, dining (food & beverage), utility costs, technology services, non-routine clean-up, police/security, parking and/or reimbursing the University for damage to University property or facilities that might occur in connection with the Event.
  • Ensure that use of the University Facilities or Outdoor Space complies with local, state, and federal laws, and University policies and regulations.

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