Event Request/Approval Process

The Office of Event Management & Protocol will provide oversight of University event policies and procedures, unless previously assigned.  

For Major University Events or as necessary for other events, the University Event Team will meet to review event organizational plans.  Logistical planning will include the number of participants and spectators, crowd control, parking, provisions for protection of the health, safety, and security of persons and property.  The effect on normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic, educational operations, the availability of alternative facilities and any other relevant concerns that  might adversely affect the legitimate interests of the University, will be reviewed. The University Event Team is made up of representatives of:  KU Public Safety, KU Parking & Transit, KU Campus Operations, KU Public Affairs, KU Dining, KU IT, KU Emergency Management, Kansas Athletics, etc.

Other support by the Office of Event Management & Protocol includes:

  • KU Event Calendar (access and training)
  • KU Youth Programs & Camps
  • Non-University / Third Party Requests (multiple facility / university services)
  • Collaboration with the Art on Campus Committee

Student Organization Event Requests / Approval

Events requested and hosted by student organizations must submit a “Student Organization Event Request Form” (SOE) to  the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC) for approval.

Event Organizers for student organizations must:

  • Develop goals for the event
  • Review appropriate policies / procedures (SEE PROCEDURES / INFORMATION FOR PLANNING)
  • Obtain necessary approvals (Venue / Space; KU Dining; KU Parking, etc.) before submitting the Student Organization Event Request Form to SILC
  • Receive approval from SILC  before  any marketing, promotion and/or the actual event can happen
  • Have student organization members present with assigned duties for the event and able to respond to questions
  • If Tabling, have a sign (minimum 8.5"X11”) stating name of the student organziation for identification
  • Clean-up

SILC will receive Student Organization Event Request Forms for:

  • Student Organization led Academic-related Events
  • Student Organization Administrative Events
  • Campus Community Events, such as tabling on Wescoe Beach
  • Student Organization Invitation-only Events

Using the following Event Policies and Procedures to determine the usage approvals, SILC has the authority to:

  • Review Student Organization Event Request Forms to confirm appropriate signature/s, i.e. venue, dining exemption forms, etc.
  • Approve tabling and/or display locations along Jayhawk Blvd (Wescoe, Stauffer-Flint and/or Watson Library)
  • Communicate with Event Organizer approval and/or need for additional information before final approval
  • Provide oversight, intervention and/or corrective action as needed during student organization events.   

SILC will rely on KU Recreation Services and/or KU Housing to approve student organization events using their respective facilities.

Student organizations requesting to host a Major University Event or Public Event will be directed to the Office of Event Management and Protocol for consultation.


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